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Knight Guide ragnarok online 2

I will give you advice to be a good tanker knight in ragnarok online 2

Class Role :
- Tank- DPS ( not recommended )

Equip :
- Weapon : Aura Sword , Shield- Armor : Heavy Armor ( Plate )

Lifejob :
Just a suggestion , Swordman CLASS ( Knight & Warrior ) is highly recommended for use lifejob " Blacksmith " , as the result of craft can be used to raise the level of their own and not wasted to the NPC .Or it could also be a Chef , because without the Healer , the food of chef is very useful for this class . and buffnya also quite helpful .alche why not ? it could be . but if Tanker , booster pots less useful though HP had a big pot alche very promising .
Status knight
to knight you might think that it is very necessary to VIT some use ful VIT , VIT But FULL is not recommended . because agan will dapet problem when hunting and the results of your attack is too low . Boss just amused amusement only. There are several options here which I will discuss but here I will discuss only build TANK , Knight DPS because it is more amusing than the monkeys who uses motorcycle racing .
36 STR31 AGI31 VIT
41 STR41 VIT
41 STR41 AGI

Skill knight ragnarok online 2

Skill knight ragnarok online 2

nfo abilities :
HC : 1 WHY ? yes because I do not like the pacifier , it demage knight was relatively small , but thx take 5 also is not prohibited as long as not to sacrifice BASH and AURA STRIKE .
Bash : Mandatory Skill as KNIGHT , for maintenance aggro skill is needed , where agan can spam this skill to naikin threat . +1 Aura also because .
Provoke : Skill for aggro , the difference in delay wrote . DPS origin no one quite random origin anyway . Klo still there haphazardly dps Wide Provoke . faster delay this skill better . remember must not use this skill unless necessary , eg for pulling mobs from the crowd of other players .
MB : Skill is unable to compete at the GC ( knight ) or BS ( war ) , I do not suggest though only 1 , later skill already many kaga going unused because the GC is also not delay .
BO : NICE SKILL , 10 % STR buff would be quite helpful especially all groups and also the physical DPS definitely expect this because rarely rarely knight and warrior together in one group .
WP : Just wrote this just like Provoke AREA , and a longer delay . quite useful at the end of the game where a lot of adds . but do not be too forced , too, because the knight is not strong enough to pull all the monsters in the map
U.S. : Skill mainstay of childhood , the days are still swordman . so in order to create a closed delay SC , couple golden BASH skill , MAX IT ! ! !
BM : Skill that ridak useful , should not be taken ,
AB : Can not stack with AA , not the recommended take this skill if taken just grab one for the road course .
AA : MANDATORY SKILLS , skills that need to be taken
Conc : Skill pretty cool cuman less important than is taken for mending the other .
AM : 3 may , one should also wrote . so far I use it frequently reset COMBO AURA ,
AH : Do not be taken , not useful
SC : somersault skill is not fit for the tanker , the animation is also sometimes stuck . 3s stun pretty useless anyway , it's more than 1 tp abstinence .
SB : Shield Boomerang , use it carefully if you want to lure aja do not throw it because when he nyetrum until 3 mobs .
U.S. : Skill is useful if we daraj below 50 %
SBM : I was waiting for this skill , where SB damage was passable, with a chance to reset continuously dapet aura as well , .
GC : Skill my mainstay , where cool animation created in spam too quickly . Magnum Break aja deh far behind . . MAX IT .
SC : skill damage is really great . . delaynya it just makes a long , max wrote .
SB : same as Cannon 's Shield , a long delay , stun 3s . under no obligation to .
SF : Skill funny , this use can not move , but steady . max it . and agan can imitate my style , use this skill then yell " HEAL GW Woy ! ! ! " pakenya aja klo 30-40% HP .

Card :

green wrote it that easy on the farm .
Snatcher Raiders CardSTR +6AGI +6INT +6WIS +6VIT +17
Garbong cardSTR +9AGI +9VIT +9INT +6WIS +3



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